14.06.2017 Support of Jethro Tull & Stromboli

21.7., We will play as a support of Jethro Tull & Stromboli. It will be great concerts.

28.08.2016 Siddhartha - Progstreaming

Now you can listen our conceptual album Siddhartha. Just click this link. We're curious about your opinions.

19.07.2016 Siddhartha

We are very excited to announce that our new album 'Siddhartha' is out now on Musea Records. It is the third Jeseter's record but the first conceptual one and for sure the most important one so far. The concept of this album is inspired by Hermann Hesse's book of the same name, which deals with the topic of a huge life path and a tranformation that should be experienced by every single inhabitant of this precious planet. The realization of the album lasted for a bit longer but the main thing is that it has been finally officially released. Our special thanks go to all guests, who participated on the project, and the whole production team. We do not know on what places you will have the chance to get this album but we will look forward to see your reactions and opinions – for example on our facebook page or on our official website. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm

11.01.2016 A contract

Jeseter has just signed a contract with french company Musea records.

19.07.2015 The Interview with songs from Siddhartha, part II.

19.07.2015 The Interview with songs from Siddhartha

Here. Part I.


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